Monday, January 15, 2007

The Ones That Got Away

I want to record all the (tolerably sized - see Rules of Engagement posting 13th Jan 07) lifeforms in my garden.

I need to make a start.

I want to start off in an unorthodox fashion however, listing a species that doesn't visit my garden: I have a very passing knowledge of birds. I do know enough to identify a Lapwing, Vanellus vanellus (as part of my self-imposed project I am making an effort to 'Google' the Latin names of every species that comes along!).

My query is as follows:
I live in a county (Oxfordshire) where Lapwings are abundant: Having visited the RSPB bird reserve of Otmoor I know it harbours Lapwing "colonies" (does anyone out there know the collective-noun for Lapwings?) of several thousand. Despite this, I have never seen a Lapwing in my garden.

Why is this? Do Lapwings only land in large open fields, and never visit residential gardens? Or is it that my garden simply doesn't have the correct 'features' (for a list of which see The Lie of the Land posting 14th Jan 07) ?


Snail said...

I'm not sure why lapwings aren't so keen on gardens. Maybe they like to be able to see a long way so they can spot predators easily?

I'm on more solid ground with the collective noun. It's a deceit of lapwings, which seems very unfair.

A Draper said...

A great idea, always something to do and never boring.
I have ben photgraphing all the life I can find in my garden over the past few years, but have not been going into the detail of each species.
I have a website: if you want to look at the pics.
There is a comment link on the home page.